Anti-Capture Store

Future Experience Concept | Motion Capture | Counter Surveillance

Co-designer: Yuwen Lin

A series of props helping people hide real actions,
exploring the potential for daily objects to challenge authoritarian surveillance technologies. 

The project envisions a world that in the predictable future, there are no physical offices, classrooms or other places of concentration, instead, people work and study remotely. To force people to focus on, governments, companies, schools and other organizations use cameras as surveillance tools and algorithms to analyze the captured movements to determine people's behavior and ensure productivity. In an atmosphere of surveillance, this project created the Anti-C.A.P(Anti-Motion Capture) Market selling products to help people look like they were working and escape from being controlled.


Motion capture is a technique for recording body movement. It is based on the real picture captured by the camera, with the learning and training of algorithms to identify different parts of people, to determine the movement of people. As this algorithm become a bigger part of people's lives, we should think about our relationship with this new part. Algorithms are not only the tools of the monitor but also participating in human life in a new role -- as assistants, collaborators, even supervisors, and managers.

More and more enterprises and companies in the capital operation began to centralize. The fraction of top holders holding cumulatively the 80% of the total net control is within the range between 1 and 2%. In the eyes of capitalists, employees are no longer fresh and individual people, but mechanical tools of production in pursuit of efficiency. The company tries to guide, regulate and even control the behavior of employees with the rules and regulations and corporate culture. Under such oppression, employees' need for personal release gradually forces them to begin to evade such monitoring.


Misalign of Motion Capture


Cheating RADiCAL-AI
Motion Capture with Neuron Suit

Using phone with natural behavior
Using phone with blocked arms


Magic Fork

Embedded the auto-adjustable mechanism that can easily stretch out and draw back, this fork is designed for users to secretly eat with their hand remaining on the table.

Real life view

Motion capture camera view

Freely Drinker

With the extraordinary length of the straw, beverage/wine that placed far away can be easily reached with only slightly movement.

Real life view

Motion capture camera view

Paid Sh*t

The additional table-board for the toilet supports your hands to a working position while enjoying the restroom time, and there is a groove for holding a phone/pad.

Real life view

Motion capture camera view

Fake Arms

This arm-like prop allows you to hide the actual hands’ movement by pretending a keyboard typing gesture.

Real life view
Motion capture camera view

Me, Myself and I

You can see yourself in different proportions from the two mirrors, which creates a meeting/ talking/ group working scenario without others take part in.

Real Life View
Motion Capture Camera View

Anti-C.A.P Market Brochure