Evergreen Lawns®

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In our high-density cities, lawns are luxuries because of space, water and human resources they require. Evergreen Lawns® will help every customer living in a skyscraper realize their dream. It creates green ties that serve different skyscraper communities, all lawns within walking distance -- the easiest way to interact with nature. The lawn area will be divided by function, ensuring privacy while maintaining a wide view. Tell us your activity needs, we will automatically match the grass species and area size, you will have an exclusive custom lawn. We have a robot housekeeper to take good care of your lawn, precisely control the temperature and humidity, to ensure that the lawn grows healthily. You only need to make an appointment before use, we will prepare a piece of pure land for you in advance. The greener, the better.


Shannon Mattern calls an indexical landscape a space that is shaped to refer to its own organized content and operative logics. Think about how a library, grocery store, fulfillment center, museum, or botanic garden is structured as a physical space oriented toward people or machines. The layout for each is a combination of: a technology for access and retrieval + the physical properties of material objects and spaces + the scale and abilities of human and/or machinic bodies + an organizational system (an idea about the way the world should be ordered).

Within VR, the notion of indexical landscape falls apart; spaces and objects are not bound by the laws of bodies or physics. In an instant, a library could be reduced to a trinket held in the palm of your hand. A store could be dynamically reconfigured according to a new logic — in a flash. Objects can occupy more than one position and/or move around.

This project will look at how these virtual capacities might rework physical systems for ordering things. This isn’t a new idea — museums, warehouses, and even cities are increasingly shaped by digital infrastructures that are algorithmic and robotic, overlaid and interlaced. Yet most XR indexical landscapes adhere to age-old organizing principles.

By contrast, the project will look at what happens when new systems for ordering the world meet physical realities that are undermined and reworked in X-realities. My aim is to create X-dimensional indexical landscapes shown from multiple perspectives.


The circulatory system of IKEA Warehouse 

The circulatory system of Amazon Fulfillment Center 

Delmar T Oviatt Library

The Bunny Museum


Research of Lawn Grass

Iterations of the system