Screen Life 2070

Design Fiction | Creative Writing | Speculative Design

When every irrelevant information we enter can become the endless associativity of the machine, will our ability to act, think, influence, creativity, control, and even self-care still the same as we know?

"We can live a good life with the help of machines with humility, or we can die with arrogance."

With the development of algorithms and technology, a lot of work will be replaced by algorithms. This has been a consistent trend in human civilization, but perhaps we are heading for a more radical era because it will replace not only physical labor but possibly a great deal of what now seems to be intellectual labor. Once upon a time, humans were the decision-makers on all issues. Today, algorithms are already playing that role.

The project aims to build a polarized future. The scene is set in the transportation planning department of a Chinese city government in 2070. When algorithms are fully developed and applied to government decisions, what is the difference between what people do and what value they create? Will the relationship between people and algorithms change?